Can I Sue the Parent of a Child Who Injured Me?

Injuries happen all the time. Usually, a person who causes the injury is held responsible. Things get a little bit trickier when it involves a minor. If a person is under the age of eighteen, can I sue the parent of a child who injured me? The answer is a little bit complicated.

Children who are very young are generally not going to be held liable when it comes to causing some type of injury. The court system basically looks at it as something that would be impossible to stick on someone who really does not know what they caused.

If a child is a little bit older and can bear some responsibility, they still have a chance of being held to a lower legal standard. That means it is a little bit difficult to bring legal action against them, but it can be done.

About the only time that a child is going to truly be held responsible solely, is if they are participating in an adult activity. If they are old enough to make smart judgments and still cause an injury, they can be held liable.

So, as you can see, it is not always cut and dry when dealing with a child. That is why so many people end up looking into suing a parent instead. The laws definitely vary from state to state, but parents are held liable for all the actions of their children from a financial and legal perspective.

In some cases, it is a pretty unfortunate predicament for a parent to be in. They can do every single thing right, but sometimes injuries happen for one reason or another. Legal action can still be brought against them, but in most cases, they are going to be eager to make things right.

Most states will have some type of damages law that will prevent a parent from taking a huge hit, legally speaking. That is because, in a lot of cases, a child can only cause so much damage. Most injuries are not going to be nearly as severe as those caused by adults.

With so many complicated laws involving injuries caused by children, it is usually recommended that people contact a professional for legal advice. The Nye Law Group is just one option for people to turn to who may have a few questions. They will be able to answer questions and be able to see what type of legal action can be pursued.

Suing a parent of a child is never a super easy thing to do, especially if it was a complete accident. With that being said, there are bills to be paid and issues that need to be solved. A person is well within their rights to see if they can be compensated for medical bills, lost wages, and more. Starting the process is pretty straightforward, and a legal team can assist with getting results as quickly as possible.

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