Do Attorney Reviews Matter?

When a person is about to buy something, use a service, or hire someone these days, they often do research. Perhaps the most common way to do research is to simply plug in a search term online and go from there. Every single reputable attorney in the United States has at least one type of review online. However, do attorney reviews matter? Or are they a complete waste?

The biggest gripe people have about too many reviews for an attorney is the fact that they might not seem genuine. After all, not every single person who uses an attorney is going to take the time out of their day to write a review online. The most common reasons why an attorney has too many reviews comes down to either incentivizing clients to write one for them or because they are fake.

In both instances, all the research done on an attorney can be thrown out the window if they have faked reviews and their online presence in general. Swapp attorney reviews are pretty much the standard for what you should be looking for in a firm that size. They also don’t have a perfect score, meaning that people are truthful about them instead of being paid to only be positive.

The truth is, attorneys are not going to be universally loved. That same thing can be said for just about every single business out there. If a person is searching for reviews online, those with a perfect score should probably be avoided, or at least looked at a bit more closely. If it sounds too perfect and too good to be true, most likely it is.

Attorneys love getting positive reviews, just like any other business in the world. It can help them land new clients, expand their business, and more. As a person looking for an attorney, just be aware that fake reviews do exist. Businesses are becoming more and more aware when it comes to trying to drive the narrative and control the story as much as possible. It is a dishonest practice, and something consumers are becoming a clued in on.

Before hiring an attorney, thoroughly vet them as much as possible by asking them questions specific to your situation. A lot of times, this can work a lot better than by just going off attorney reviews. Fake attorney reviews might get initial attention, but only the best will still survive after the vetting process is done.

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