How Does Bad Weather Affect a Car Crash Claim?

When you’ve been injured in a car crash, and poor weather conditions played a part in the cause of the collision, you might be unsure as to whether you can pursue a claim to recover your damages.

In many cases, you’ll be able to seek compensation for your losses when there is an at-fault party whose negligence caused you direct harm. Continue reading to learn more about how bad weather will affect your case, and how to file an injury claim for a car accident.

When Poor Weather Conditions Are Irrelevant

Though bad weather can contribute to a motor vehicle accident, when there are multiple vehicles involved, you should still be able to pursue a claim against those who were not taking caution when operating their vehicle in poor conditions.

In thunderstorms, snow storms, traveling on roads with black ice, and any other weather conditions that might make it difficult to drive, drivers need to be responsible enough to take an appropriate amount of care if they choose to drive in such bad weather.

Establishing Driver Negligence

The only way to be successful in your claim, regardless of the weather conditions, is to prove that the other driver involved in your accident was negligent in their driving. When poor weather conditions do apply, the other driver must have been careless in there operation of the vehicle.

For example, perhaps they were speeding, or traveling without their headlights on. Or, maybe they were following too close behind you. It is up to all drivers, no matter how the weather is, to exercise caution when driving their vehicle.

It goes without saying that, if the weather is an issue, you should be extra cautious. If another driver has not taken the weather condition into serious consideration, you can hold them accountable for their actions and obtain compensation for your damages.

What You Can Expect From The Insurance Company

When you submit your claim to the insurance company, you should expect them to deny your claim. Not only are insurers  looking out for themselves rather than the interests of their claimants, they will almost always use the poor weather conditions as an excuse for why they are not responsible for covering your damages.

They will, in most cases, place blame on you for being the irresponsible driver, or state that the weather conditions were responsible for the cause of the crash, not their policy holder.

They might even say that their policy holder does not have a certain type of protection on their insurance policy that allows them to cover your damages. Keep in mind that the insurer is going to do whatever they can to minimize the amount for which they’ll be required to settle.

Get In Touch With A Qualified Attorney

When you need someone on your side who can help build a powerful case against the liable party and negotiate with the insurance company on your behalf so that you aren’t taken advantage of, you should speak with a skilled attorney who can help secure full compensation that will meet your needs.