Traffic Ticket Appeals For Red Light Offenses

Major intersections are known to be lightning rods for collisions. The setup almost begs for a crash as cars in a street are going one way while those in a perpendicular street are going another, both aiming to cross a certain point. This is why it is important for people to follow traffic lights and wait for their turn to go or risk getting a traffic ticket from a camera.

Unfortunately, it is not always feasible to place officers on duty 24/7 to monitor the situation. Some cities have installed cameras that can automatically detect red light violations at these intersections including New York. They are good but they aren’t perfect. Those served have the option to file New York traffic ticket appeals or hire a NYC speeding ticket lawyer.

The Cost of a Guilty Plea

People who get a ticket need to act quickly. There are two valid options: plead guilty or maintain your innocence. Both have their own consequences. While it is possible to ignore the ticket, be aware that there is a time limit regarding your response. After this limit lapses without a proper plea, you will be slapped with a suspension of license. You will not be able to drive your car. If you try to do so and you get apprehended, then know that this is considered as a gross violation that can result in severe penalties.

If you know that you have violated the red light policy, then do the proper thing and admit it on the ticket. At the back are spaces for you to fill. Furnish the required information and mail it to the DMV. You will have to pay the fines that correspond with the gravity of the offense. This will have to be evaluated based on the type of violation, in this case a traffic ticket from a camera, as well as the number of times you have committed the same thing, your driving history, and so on. The fines can amount to thousands of dollars at the top end.

Aside from the significant fines, admitted violators will also have to face an increase in their insurance premiums. Their company will reassess their driving record and will not be pleased with the newest development. They will be judged as presenting a higher degree of risk to face an accident because of the behavior. Because high risk individual will have a higher likelihood of filing for claims, their monthly payments are pulled up to compensate. This is simply a business decision aimed at preserving profits which they have the right to do. An improvement in the driving record can turn things back.

How New York Traffic Appeals Work

On the other hand, those that feel that they were wrongly accused can fight the ticket. It is well within their right to assert that they did not do anything wrong. At the back of the ticket, there will be a separate space for pleading not guilty. Fill this up and mail it to the DMV. This will then be processed accordingly with a schedule being set for a hearing. The Traffic Violations Bureau is tasked to handle these cases in New York. Just wait for the instructions from their office and come prepared to defend yourself from the charges.

The video evidence can be subjected to review to see if an offense was truly made. The footage obtained by red light cameras pass through a software that can automatically detect possible violations. However, everything is still subjected to viewing by an officer to verify the red flag. Officers have the power to dismiss a flagged video or push through with the ticket. Accused persons can scrutinize their videos to point out inconsistencies and mitigating circumstances. Other evidence and witnesses can be brought to the public hearing as well. There have been plenty of tickets that were overturned upon appeal.

You can go to the hearings of other people prior to your date in court. Take advantage of the public nature of these activities to sit in and learn from them. This is especially useful if you have never appealed a ticket before. You will see how the process is conducted so you’ll know what to expect. You can prepare for the possible questions. You can think in advanced about how you might answer. Note that it is possible to postpone the hearing for another day upon your request. The first postponement will be relatively easy. Succeeding ones will have to be defended by you personally.

Get the Services of a NY Traffic Attorney

To improve your chances of getting a favorable decision, hire an experienced attorney. Find one who specializes in New York traffic ticket appeals. They will know the ins and outs of these cases, allowing them to formulate a plan that would yield the desired result. They are adept at asking questions that can put doubt as to the assessment of the reviewing officer. They can gather evidence that can support your claim of innocence.

They are also familiar with the judges and other individuals that can potentially influence the outcome. They know the kind of information that could sway the decision one way or another. The strategy can be adjusted depending on the personalities handling the case. If you have previously tried to fight a ticket and were not successful, do not despair. It is still possible to file an appeal. This time have a Manhattan accident lawyer by your side to improve your chances of winning.