The Brooklyn “Dollar Van” High Speed Chase

A December 2018 police chase in Brooklyn has since gone viral after video footage in the so-called “dollar van” was shared by passengers. Dollar vans will typically operate illegally in NYC, but in some cases, they are regulated by the city. Interestingly, in this case, it is unknown whether this particular dollar van is illegitimate. 

Passengers traveling on the van began panicking after the driver ran a red light and almost hit a pedestrian, right in front of a New York City sheriff’s deputy! There were several elderly passengers on the van, as well as an infant that was being cradled by her mother throughout the chase. The dollar van proceeded to make wild turns, nearly hitting a parked red car while traveling the wrong way down a one way street. 

But, the story gets even more interesting. Eventually, when the man pulled over, he hopped out of the van and took off running. As police continued after him on foot, a passenger in the dollar van saw an opportunity to grab a large wad of cash that was, presumably, the driver’s. She then is seen on the video giving one passenger some of the money while another pleads with her to leave the money alone. She then claims that she knows the driver and he is her brother. 

Despite the high speed chase and pursuit of the suspect on foot, the police have so far been unable to apprehend him, close to six months later. One traffic ticket attorney in NYC said, “If he is caught, he will surely face criminal charges for his actions including possible jail time, have his license suspended or revoked, and face other severe legal ramifications.” It doesn’t appear that the driver was under the influence of drugs or alcohol, and he did not communicate with the passengers pleading with him to slow down and pull over. 

The lack of information about this case, considering all of its unique elements, is intriguing. Why is the status of the dollar van’s regulation still being called into question? Did the woman taking the money actually know the driver, and as her brother? Was she brought in for questioning? What happened to the van itself? And most importantly, who is this mysterious, dangerous driver? The answers to these questions should be carefully investigated in order to determine this individual’s identity so he can be apprehended.