Understanding Louisiana’s Dog Bite Laws

States have laws in place that protect people who have been the victim of a bite or violence by a dog. If you or someone you know has been bitten or experienced violence from another’s dog, you will want to note the state laws regarding dog bites. When it comes to understanding Louisiana’s dog bite laws, that involves exploring Section 2321 of Louisiana’s civil code.

Section 2321 of the Louisiana Civil Code

Under Section 2321 of the Louisiana Civil Code, dog bites and violence visited upon someone else by a dog is explained. What this section covers is the notion that if a person is walking in a park and is bitten by a dog, the dog owner is liable for any damages regarding the bite. Those damages would include financial compensation for medical treatment, pain and suffering, or lost wages from missed work during recovery time.

While that concept seems pretty simple, there is a further explanation that complicates it somewhat. The code goes on to explain that the owner is only responsible for the dog’s violent behavior if it can be proved that the dog’s owner did not show reasonable care in preventing the damage. In simpler terms, if the dog’s violent act could have been prevented, the owner is liable.

An additional caveat to Louisiana’s dog bite laws is that if the victim of the violence provoked the animal in any way, the dog owner is not liable for the damages related to the injury.

If you were injured by a dog in a situation that was no fault of your own, and it is found that the dog’s owner did not exercise reasonable care in preventing the act, and you did not provoke the animal in any way, you are likely entitled to financial compensation for any injury-related costs.

Additional Injuries Caused by Dogs

While dog bites are the most common injuries caused by dogs, there are other injuries that Section 2321 includes. While this section of the Civil Code is referred to as the ‘dog bite law’, it does not just cover bites, but additional injuries.

If a large dog aggressively jumps on a person and knocks them down causing bodily harm, this is also covered by the ‘dog bite law’. If that person bumped their head and received a concussion during the fall, that is a relevant injury. If that person sprained or twisted something as a result of the fall, those injuries also apply. Basically, if an act by a dog to another person causes an injury that could have been prevented by the owner and the injured individual did nothing to encourage the incident, the dog owner will be held liable.

What to Do if You Are Injured by a Dog

If you are injured by a dog, you need to seek immediate medical attention. This is not just for your own health and wellness, but also so if you want to file a personal injury claim, your injury is officially documented by a medical professional. If your injury took place in the Baton Rouge area, your next step should be seeking the help of a dog bite lawyer in Baton Rouge.

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