What Is An Interlock Ignition Device?

Driving while drunk is irresponsible, dangerous and illegal. Not only do you put yourself in danger by driving while intoxicated, you also risk the lives of your passengers and other road users. When the police stop you on the road for reckless driving, or any other reason, and discover that you are intoxicated, you will be charged with a DWI or DUI. This is a drunk driving offense that drunk drivers can expect to face when they have a blood alcohol concentration higher than 0.08.

DUI Penalties

If you are charged with this offense, you can beat your charge with a DWI defense lawyer’s help. That is why you have to look for the most competent DWI lawyer in town. The ideal lawyer should have a high success rate as well as a lot of experience in the industry. Please note that if you are found guilty of the drunk driving offense, you may have your driving license suspended or revoked. It all depends on whether this is your first, second or third offense. You will also be required to pay a huge fine and assessment costs, which is often expensive. The DUI conviction goes into your driving record. In addition, you must install an ignition interlock device. Many other penalties come with DUI convictions. In fact, you may be jailed for several months or years in case you are found guilty of a felony DUI.

What is an Interlock Ignition Device?

This is an electronic device designed to prevent the driver of a vehicle from driving while intoxicated. The device must be fitted by an approved installer. It is just a modified breathalyzer connected to the ignition system of the vehicle. Once the device is installed in your car, you cannot start the car until you blow into the breathalyzer. If your blood alcohol concentration is over 0.08, the vehicle will not start. The device can be a life saver, since drunk drivers must use a taxi or ask a friend to drive them home. You can expect an ignition interlock device installation in your vehicle at your own cost if charged with a DUI, even if it’s your first offense. To ensure you are never convicted with this offense, never drink and drive.


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